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Build Instructions (macOS)

Follow the guidelines below for building Electron on macOS.


If you are using the Python downloaded by Homebrew, you also need to install the following Python modules:

Getting the Code

$ git clone https://github.com/electron/electron


The bootstrap script will download all necessary build dependencies and create the build project files. Notice that we’re using ninja to build Electron so there is no Xcode project generated.

$ cd electron
$ ./script/bootstrap.py -v


Build both Release and Debug targets:

$ ./script/build.py

You can also only build the Debug target:

$ ./script/build.py -c D

After building is done, you can find Electron.app under out/D.

32bit Support

Electron can only be built for a 64bit target on macOS and there is no plan to support 32bit macOS in the future.


To clean the build files:

$ npm run clean


See Build System Overview: Tests

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